26670 Shiawassee Rd.

On May 6, 2002, we closed on our new home. These pages are to document the house for those who don't visit as often and to serve as a place to record what we learn about the house. the pics on this page represent the status of the house as of July 13, 2002. We will update as much as possible. To see what the house looked like before the former owner moved out (during the inspection, actually), click here. Click on each pic for an 800x600 enlargement of the thumbnail pics.

At the bottom of this page you'll find a timeline describing what's going on. Bookmark this page (Control-D) and come back every couple of days to check on the status.

Click on the pic above to see the house in 1964!

Front View From the road

Road View 2

Looking from slightly southwest

Florida Room from West

View from the Northwest

View directly into the backyard

View from behind the "pen" towards the house

Way back in the yard

Yard shot

From the first garage to the yard

Inside of Rear Garage

Attic of rear Garage

Attic of front garage

Junk in Front garage to throw out

More Junk

More Junk

Inside of front garage showing brick wall that....

...hides the basement entryway.

Kitch from side door

Basement stairs from up top.

Laundry/bar area in basement

Living area of basement

Linving area of basement 2

Workshop/furnace room

Workshop/furnace room 2

Dining Room

Dining room 2

Linving Room

Living Room 2

Florida Room 1

Florida Room 2

Main Bath

"Yellow" Room (Bedroom on main floor)

Yellow Room 2

Kitchen 2

Poorly made Kitchen pantry

"Green" Room (Bedroom 1 Upstairs)

Green room 2

Master Bedroom ("Blue" Room)

Master Bedroom 2

"fake" Bedroom

Fake bedroom 2

Hall Closet from Fake Bedroom

Upstairs Half Bath

Half bath 2

Upstairs Hallway from end

Typical Knee-wall storage
07/14/02: Moving from the old Berg house has been progressing for about 2 weeks now. 90% of everything is moved here, but only about 20% has been properly put away. It's starting to shape up though. If you want to compare the pics between the inspection and the early stages of moving in click here to open a new window and swap between windows to see what has changed. To summarize: the former owners junk is being replaced by our junk!