26670 Shiawassee Rd.

Below is how the house looked in November of 1964. This is how it looked when the previous owners bought it. Note the pine tree in front of the house, the lack of gigantic pines in the backyard, the dormer on the garage, the garage vent, the brick garage chimney, the small screened in porch on the left, and the windows on the garage. Much has changed since, but so much has not. (Also note the 1963 ford Falcon and the 1964 Ford Galaxie!)
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After some scanning and some photomerging, below are some of the original plans for the house when it was designed before 1934, the year it was built. Some things were built differently, but it is 90% what we have now. Note the garage was not part of the house plans as it was added later in two steps (more on that later). Some plans are in their original "blue-print" colors, others have been corrected, balanced, etc. to bring out the original line drawings better. The basement plans were damaged slightly, but will be restored.