Bunsen is a yellow-crowned Amazon parrot.  He is around seven years old as of 2006.  We got him used from someone who didn’t take very good care of him.  After a year of vet visits, special diet and everything, he was declared healthy.  Unfortunately, a few years later he got sick again.  This time the vet said that he didn’t have long to live.  He sleeps a lot, drinks lots of water and eats lots of food, but was still losing weight.   We put him on a high protein diet of peanut butter, eggs, and cheese.  He’s gained weight and has improved slightly.  Sometimes he still likes to take a shower and seems happy.  Some of these pics are from better times and some are more recent.  We hope that you enjoy them.
Our Amazon: Bunsen
Now doesn't he look smart?
Bunsen in the tub
Playing in the bathtub
Is that a waterfall?
Works for him!
Wet bird
Wet bird
Really wet bird
Growling at the hair/bird dryer
More growling
Spread those wingies...
That's it!
Dry yet?
Bunsen posing with wings flared.
Bunsen in his tissue box.
Bunsen in his Tissue Box
Bunsen scales the lamp cord
He made it all the way to the top.
What's that on the light fixture?
It's just a green bird.
A big green bird.
That biscuit is as big as his head!
Bunsen waves his wingies.
Bunsen waves his wingies.
Bunsen lies down when you ignore him.
Bunsen lying down again.
Bunsen does his Dr. Evil.
Bunsen watches from above the doorway.
Wet bird.
Beauty shots in front of a black cloth.
He's aloof.
Now he's a little more regal.
Straight on, it's a wonder he can see anything.
Sitting on his cage.
He was pretty scared of the cloth so I had to hold him.
He hides behind something on the stairs.
June 2005: We find out Bunsen is very sick.
I took these pics because I thought he wouldn't be around much longer.
He had a bad day at the vet.
The doctor said to feed him anything he wanted.
Three months later, he's still around.
He's not giving up on life.
Although sometimes he doesn't care for the attention.
He doesn't chew tissue boxes anymore.
Bunsen sits on the pitcher.
So what if he's sick?  He wanted to sit here.
Oct 2006: Bunsen gets a shower.
He's very happy today.
Upside-down birdie!
Waiting to be dried.