This is a short video I made of Beaker "chatting" on her cage back in 2001, when she was 4.
As of 2006, Beaker is now 9 and talks even more than ever before. Many things she says in the video above she doesn't say anymore and there are other things she says today that she didn't back then. Below are some pics of Beaker taken over the years. Enjoy!
Our African Grey: Beaker
Beaker in the oven.
Beaker in the microwave.
Beaker Eating Toast 1
Beaker Eating Toast 2
Beaker Eating Toast 3
Beaker Hanging
Look at those clipped wings.  
Today's meal is a biscuit from a tube.
What are you looking at?
Bird's don't chew on things like dogs.
Just let me eat.
Beaker's poofing at something.
How about standing up really high while poofing?
What nice legs you have.
It looks like she's cleaning the floor.
I hope you didn't catch that on camera.
Craned neck?
What's that on your head?
Is that a fuzzy hat you're wearing?
Beaker helps with web site code.
You gotta look smart if you're gonna be smart.
Just sitting on the cage.
Posing is not what she does.
Just sitting here...
Just sitting 2.
Cuteness is her strength.
Poofy again.
What are you looking at?
Is that a camera?
Is it?
No flash.
My, what a big beak you have!
On the curtain rod...
Poofy in her cage.
Cage shot 2
Sitting on the shower door.
Sitting on the shower door 2
Sitting on the shower door 3
On the fridge.
Find the birdie.
Poofy on the fridge.
What's with the head tilt?
Poofy on the fridge 3
That's her cracker box.
Caught making a mess?
Has she been bad?
Find the bird.
Beaker doesn't like stuffed birds.
She's not reaching to give it a kiss.
Cute pose.
beaker on her back 1
Beaker on her back 2